I had come across Shubhika Di through my brother and sister-in -law. I needed a counselling session for various reasons just before my wedding.. I had the oppurtunity to have around 7-8 sessions with her.. I was a little depressed at that point of time.. I was not sure whether talking to a person will be helpful.. But still I made a point to talk to her.. After having a session with her on the first day I was surprised!! I was feeling way better.. I was feeling as if I have got ridden of a heavy burden from my heart.. The next day was even better.. I loved talking to her.. I would eagerly wait for the next days.. At the end of the session I turned
out to be a different person altogether!! I was sooo happy with everything.. She is not only a good speaker but also a very good listener which I think is a must!! She used to talk to me as if I am her younger sister.. She was so cordial and caring and affectionate that I just loved talking to her and felt better.. Thanking her would not be enough.. I have benefitted from her in various ways.. Thank you for everything Shubhika Di..