“We were all hurting, unable to face our loss. Lost and in pain…. I needed someone to talk to…to keep myself sane, but had no one to turn to. That was when I met Shubhika. Sharing my feelings and thoughts with her helped me hold on to reality…let go of my sense of utter despair…get a grip on myself. A wonderful listener, gentle guide…she was my log in the open ocean, kept me afloat.”
Thankful always – P.K.

“I have seen Shubhika for both my kids , my son when he was 17 and going through a tough time in school with studies and facing OCD issues also at the same time and my daughter when she was 13 and was refusing to go to school because of social anxiety.
I found her approach very guenine and precise and felt she handled them really well though they were very reluctant and didnt want to see a Counsellor.
She was very spontaneous and my kids took to her with ease. It also helped me as a mother when i saw her personally in order to take guidance as to how to handle the kids and myself in difficult situations.
Thank you so much for your genuine concern and help, and always being available on the phone even now, though I have moved out of the city . Will always go to you if i need help in future” – M.J